666 as sum of squares

666 = 4² + 1²+2²+3²+4²+5²+6²+7²+8²+9²+10²+11²+12²

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Friday is for Frida

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The Old One and the Fisherman’s Wife

Meanwhile in Japan, Hokusai in his old age used to sign 画狂老人卍 (Gakyōrōjinmanji). His life long production of painting covers every genres and subjects, like nyotaimori.  Fisherman's Wife

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An Octopus with a Nose Ring

If the idea of having a swastika part of a Kanak charm against creatures from the deep seems strange to you, let me take you for a trip along the coast of Panama.

pa-tule2There, the Kuna indians live on a group of 365 islands off the coast of Panama. They assumed autonomy in 1925. The flag design they adopted at that time incorporates a swastika. Later a variant of the original flag was introduced where a circle representing a nose ring was added.

In Kuna tradition, kikir, which means octopus, is the name of the sacred symbol representing the birth of the world, the divine mother extending its tentacles in the four cardinal directions thus creating the rainbow, the sun, the moon and the stars.

PS: I like the idea of being able to spend each day of the year on a different island and on leap year to have a rest on the mainland.

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Of a Charm against Creatures from the Deep

In The Shadow over Innsmouth ( H.P. Lovecraft, written 1931, published 1936), old Zadok Allen mentions a Kanak’s charm.

“Well, come abaout thutty-eight – when I was seven year’ old – Obed he faound the island people all wiped aout between v’yages. Seems the other islanders had got wind o’ what was goin’ on, and had took matters into their own hands. S’pose they must a had, after all, them old magic signs as the sea things says was the only things they was afeard of. No tellin’ what any o’ them Kanakys will chance to git a holt of when the sea-bottom throws up some island with ruins older’n the deluge. Pious cusses, these was – they didn’t leave nothin’ standin’ on either the main island or the little volcanic islet excep’ what parts of the ruins was too big to knock daown. In some places they was little stones strewed abaout – like charms – with somethin’ on ’em like what ye call a swastika naowadays. Prob’ly them was the Old Ones’ signs. Folks all wiped aout no trace o’ no gold-like things an’ none the nearby Kanakys ud breathe a word abaout the matter. Wouldn’t even admit they’d ever ben any people on that island.”
Dagon“We all hed to take the Oath o’ Dagon, an’ later on they was secon’ an’ third oaths that some o’ us took. Them as ud help special, ud git special rewards – gold an’ sech – No use balkin’, fer they was millions of ’em daown thar. They’d ruther not start risin’ an’ wipin’ aout human-kind, but ef they was gave away an’ forced to, they cud do a lot toward jest that. We didn’t hev them old charms to cut ’em off like folks in the Saouth Sea did, an’ them Kanakys wudu’t never give away their secrets.
“Yield up enough sacrifices an’ savage knick-knacks an’ harbourage in the taown when they wanted it, an’ they’d let well enough alone. Wudn’t bother no strangers as might bear tales aoutside – that is, withaout they got pryin’. All in the band of the faithful – Order 0′ Dagon – an’ the children shud never die, but go back to the Mother Hydra an’ Father Dagon what we all come from onct … Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fhtagn! Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah-nagl fhtagn – “
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365 as sum of squares

365 = 10² + 11² + 12²

365 = 13² + 14²

365 = 5² + 12² + 14²

365 = 3² + 4² + 12² + 14²

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The basic: Luo Shu

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Message Of The Day!

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Some Edward Lee I have read

Edward Cthulhu Lee

Edward Cthulhu Lee

The Backwoods
The Bighead
The Black Train
Brain Cheese Buffet
Brides of the Impaler
Bullet Through Your Face
Carnal Surgery
The Chosen
City Infernal
Dahmer’s Not Dead
Family Tradition
Flesh Gothic
Going Monstering
The golem
Grimoire Diabolique
Haunted House and Other Presidential Horrors
The Haunter of the Threshold
Header 2
The House (& Pig)
House Infernal
Infernal Angel
The Innswich Horror
Lucifer’s lottery
Monster Lake
Operator B
Pages Torn from a Travel Journal
Portrait of the Psychopath as a young woman
Quest for Sex, Truth & Reality
Room 415
Sleep Disorder
The Stickmen
The Teratologist
Trolley No 1852
Vampire Lodge
Whitch Water
You are My Everything

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Fengdu Huang Ying Ni!

Hells are crowded. Chinese hells even more so. Don’t be surprised to learn that due to the sheer amounts of shades that arrive continuously combined with the slow pace of the administration, you may have to wait an eternity before your case is put in front of the First Court for judgment. If like me you haven’t anybody left above burning paper money to grease one clerk’s palm, there is no way your name will end up soon on any condemned list. And this of course is for the First Court only, picture yourself going through the ten courts before getting your turn for reincarnation and you have the prospect I was facing after I passed away.

Now, I don’t mind the crowd and I am more patient than most. Above, I had my shares of ageing in lines before drowning in the collective hug of elevators and subway cars. But here, honestly, I miss the point of cutting queue to get a well deserved punishment. And with nine torments by court, I rather not start today.

On the other side, as a foreign devil, I kind of blend in Chinese hells landscape. Red hair, pale hairy skin, long ugly nose, too tall and too big, the other damned look up to me in a kind of stupor. So it’s easy for me to move on, I just push through while they slowly give way.

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