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Making odd size magic squares

This is the basic technique that can be used to make magic squares whose side length is odd: 3, 5, 7, 9, … Draw the table. Put the number 1 below the center cell. Put the next number to the … Continue reading

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Planetary numbers

In planetary magic, there is an association between the seven planets as known by the ancients and the numbers 3 to 9. The so called planets include what we know today to be a star, the sun, and a satellite, … Continue reading

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Dürer’s Astrologer

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Mapping 7

There are several mapping between sets holding an equal number of entities. For the number 7, we have 7 days of the week, 7 gods, 7 celestial bodies and 7 metals. Days Gods Planets Metals Sunday Sun Sun Gold Monday … Continue reading

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Kamea are talismans that can be used to influence the occurrence of good or bad events. The form I will discuss here is based on magic squares as exposed in book II of Agrippa‘s De Occulta Philosophia (1510). Gods Metal Planetary Number … Continue reading

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The Cross

Touch the forehead ATOH Thou art Par Toi Helmet Crown Bring the hand down, and touch the breast MALKUTH The Kingdown Le règne, Greaves Boots Touch the left shoulder VE-GEDULAH and the Glory La puissance Sword Scepter Touch the right … Continue reading

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In order to open this blog to public access I had to sanitize its content. But of course it is not possible to suppress ideas that are only in the reader’s mind. So, reader, beware! You will not find here more, or less, … Continue reading

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