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666 as sum of squares

666 = 4² + 1²+2²+3²+4²+5²+6²+7²+8²+9²+10²+11²+12²

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Friday is for Frida

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The Old One and the Fisherman’s Wife

Meanwhile in Japan, Hokusai in his old age used to sign 画狂老人卍 (Gakyōrōjinmanji). His life long production of painting covers every genres and subjects, like nyotaimori.  

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An Octopus with a Nose Ring

If the idea of having a swastika part of a Kanak charm against creatures from the deep seems strange to you, let me take you for a trip along the coast of Panama. There, the Kuna indians live on a … Continue reading

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Of a Charm against Creatures from the Deep

In The Shadow over Innsmouth ( H.P. Lovecraft, written 1931, published 1936), old Zadok Allen mentions a Kanak’s charm. “Well, come abaout thutty-eight – when I was seven year’ old – Obed he faound the island people all wiped aout … Continue reading

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365 as sum of squares

365 = 10² + 11² + 12² 365 = 13² + 14² 365 = 5² + 12² + 14² 365 = 3² + 4² + 12² + 14²

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The basic: Luo Shu

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Some Edward Lee I have read

The Backwoods The Bighead The Black Train Brain Cheese Buffet Brides of the Impaler Bullet Through Your Face Carnal Surgery The Chosen City Infernal Coven Creekers Dahmer’s Not Dead Family Tradition Flesh Gothic Ghouls Going Monstering The golem Goon Grimoire … Continue reading

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Fengdu Huang Ying Ni!

Hells are crowded. Chinese hells even more so. Don’t be surprised to learn that due to the sheer amounts of shades that arrive continuously combined with the slow pace of the administration, you may have to wait an eternity before … Continue reading

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Of Snakes and Ropes

As Japan got a lot of attention in the past weeks, I have been naturally led to recheck the list of movies inspired by a famous novelist. 緊縛 卍責め I noticed a red wàn on the movie poster of Double … Continue reading

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