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Taijitu Variation

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Daoist Magic Talisman

Daoist magic talisman to ward off the evil influences of the “Five Poisonous Animals”. The luoshu numbers are in dotted form, overlayed on a bagua pattern.

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Taijitu Transformations

Taijitu and LuoShu are symbols of balance and harmony. We can apply the same three basic transformations to the Taijitu as we did to the LuoShu: rotation, horizontal mirroring and vertical mirroring.

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Taijitu as a mnemonic for LuoShu

While the LuoShu (3×3 magic square) is simple to memorize by itself, one visual trick to remember the layout of the nine numbers is the Taijitu (yin-yang symbol). Write down the numbers from one to nine following the swirling pattern … Continue reading

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