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Daoist Magic Talisman

Daoist magic talisman to ward off the evil influences of the “Five Poisonous Animals”. The luoshu numbers are in dotted form, overlayed on a bagua pattern.

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Taijitu Transformations

Taijitu and LuoShu are symbols of balance and harmony. We can apply the same three basic transformations to the Taijitu as we did to the LuoShu: rotation, horizontal mirroring and vertical mirroring.

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Trigrams on a Square!

Let’s place the eight trigrams on a LuoShu square. First let’s associate the trigrams to a value according to their binary representation equivalent. We need nine numbers and zero was not much in use when the LuoShu was designed. So let’s … Continue reading

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Trigram Squares

The Luoshu layout follows the  traditional convention of chinese maps, where North is at the bottom and South at the top, so number one is drawn at the bottom center and number nine at the top center. Still, this is not … Continue reading

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Taijitu as a mnemonic for LuoShu

While the LuoShu (3×3 magic square) is simple to memorize by itself, one visual trick to remember the layout of the nine numbers is the Taijitu (yin-yang symbol). Write down the numbers from one to nine following the swirling pattern … Continue reading

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Fengdu Huang Ying Ni!

Hells are crowded. Chinese hells even more so. Don’t be surprised to learn that due to the sheer amounts of shades that arrive continuously combined with the slow pace of the administration, you may have to wait an eternity before … Continue reading

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